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Product Details

Name: Symptoma Digital Health Assistant

Medical Device Class I per Council Directive 93/42/EEC

Version: 2020.10.8

Symptoma GmbH
Neuhofen 5
4864 Attersee

Intended use

The Symptoma Digital Health Assistant, a Class I Medical Device, uses a core product called the Symptoma Engine.

The Symptoma Digital Health Assistant is intended to provide information to users on possible causes for symptoms the user enters into the symptom checker. It will also ask users if they experience certain associated symptoms based on the symptoms entered to provide the best information possible.

It is not intended to allow for direct diagnosis or supply information thereto. It absolutely must not be used to obtain, replace or overrule a clinical diagnosis by a healthcare professional. It is always up to the medical professional to make the final diagnosis. The medical information provided is of a general nature and cannot substitute the advice of a medical professional (for example, a qualified doctor or physician).


  • Age < 18 years
  • Emergency situations in general, e.g.
    • Signs of a heart attack (severe/heavy/crushing chest pain, …)
    • Signs of a stroke (facial weakness, slurred speech, inability to hold both arms up, …)
    • Severe breathing problems
    • Any other untoward sign or symptom that may be of urgent nature or necessitate urgent or emergency care
  • Pregnancy


  • Do NOT use in case of emergency.
  • The Symptoma Digital Health Assistant is based on software powered by algorithms, data and artificial intelligence; it is not a real doctor/physician.
  • Output of the Symptoma Digital Health Assistant does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations. It provides an overview of possible causes based on the combination of symptoms the user entered.
  • The list of possible causes based on the symptoms entered is for information purposes only. Do not consider this a personal diagnosis. It only indicates that persons with similar symptoms and risk factors may have this condition based on scientific literature data.
  • In case of worsening, changing or persisting symptoms, seek further medical advice.
  • The Symptoma Digital Health Assistant is only intended for users at least 18 years of age.
  • Please check the Contraindications before using the Symptoma Digital Health Assistant.